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Ador Welding Ltd. has been at the forefront of developing new products for the ship-building and ship-repair industries.

LOL下注网站Ador Welding Ltd. consumables have been designed to offer all required characteristics for shipbuilding, which in turn lead to welder appeal and satisfaction.

In shipyards, where sometimes the welder has to do welding in restricted areas, there has always been a problem of re-drying of Low Hydrogen Electrodes. The solution is R2U electrodes (Ready to use), which can be directly used after opening the packet- without any re-drying. This increases productivity since the time saved on re-drying is utilized for increased arc time. Based on the successful development of the R2U packages and the installation of fully automatic line for packing, Ador has supplied bulk quantities of R2U electrodes to shipyards / ship repairers in India and Middle East.

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LOL下注网站Registered & Corporate Office: Ador House, 6, K. Dubash Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 - 16, Maharashtra. INDIA.

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