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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Directors/Senior Management

ADOR WELDING LIMITED - CODE OF CONDUCT FOR DIRECTORS / SENIOR MANAGEMENT (Pursuant to the Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement pertaining to Corporate Governance)


This Code of Conduct helps maintain high standards of business conduct and ensures compliance with legal requirements. All the Directors and the Senior Management of the Company must act within the bounds of the authority conferred upon them and with a duty to make and enact informed decisions and policies in the best interests of the Company and all its shareholders / stakeholders.

The "Senior Management" means employees at the grade of General Manager & above and the Company Secretary.

Some Key Directives:

  • Ensuring Honesty & Integrity and fulfillment of all fiduciary obligations.
  • Avoiding Conflict of Interest in terms of business relationships which may be in conflict with the interest of the Company or the Ador Group.
  • Refraining from exploiting Corporate Opportunities for personal gain.
  • Ensuring Compliance with laws in force and promoting lawful and ethical behavior.
  • Avoiding conflict with other Directorships and ensuring full disclosure to the Board.
  • Ensuring Confidentiality of Information with all outside parties including media.
  • Insider Trading: Following strictly the norms of ethics and guidelines issued by SEBI.
  • Refraining from receiving or offering gifts and donations except nominal gifts of a commemorative nature for special events, but these must also be reported to the Board.
  • Ensuring Protection of Assets both tangible and intangible e.g. IPR.
  • Periodic Review of the guidelines once every year or as necessary. New Directors / Senior Management will sign such a deed at the time when their Directorship / employment begins.
  • Violation of Code: The Board of Directors shall take disciplinary action in the event of violation of the Code of Conduct which may be categorized into the following three types:
    a. Personal and behavioral issues;
    b. Personal integrity and loyalty issues;
    c. Organizational Issues

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